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free introduction talk to meditation


Come along to a free 1 hour introduction talk on Vedic Meditation, meet Lesley-Anne and discover how easy it is to learn this simple and powerful meditation technique. 


You will have the chance to ask questions about meditation and will be shown how easily and effortlessly Vedic Meditation can be intergrated into your daily life.

PRIVATE COURSES // A great way to get one-on-one instruction and learn at your own scheduled times and location. This is also a fantastic option for couples or families wanting to have a shared experience of learning this profound technique together.


If you have already attended an INTRODUCTION or would like to sign up for the course right away with a private introduction on the first day, please contact us.

course structure


Vedic Meditation is a simple mental process that utilises a mantra to naturally enable the mind to fall into quieter more coherent states of awareness. It is an effortless eyes closed technique practiced for 20 minutes twice daily.


The course runs over 4 consecutive days with each session lasting approximately 90 minutes. On completion of the course participants will have mastered the technique to practice anywhere, anytime. Course times vary to suit all schedules with evening and morning sessions available.


It is essential for all 4 days to be completed consecutively, as sequential knowledge is offered each day.


DAY ONE - During the first session you will receive one-on-one instruction and be given your personal mantra as well as being taught the fundamental mechanics of how to meditate.

This initial session will give you the skills to meditate on your own at home.


DAY TWO, THREE AND FOUR - Over the following three days the technique is carefully examined and refined, providing you with all the experience and know-how to be completely self-sufficient in your own practice. Once the course is complete, you will be a master of meditation, with all the knowledge necessary to enjoy this amazing technique and it's innumerable exponentially increasing benefits.


course fees


Learning to meditate is the most powerful gift you can give to yourself, that is going to have an incredible positive effect on every aspect of your life. Seeing as though you take your mind with you everywhere you go, it's a pretty wise investment to learn how to keep it cool, calm and effortlessly collected.


The course fee is a one-time payment that includes:

  • 4 day course of instruction

  • Life time access to weekly group meditations //

  • Refresher course with any accredited teacher of Vedic Meditation

  • (the ability to take the course again for free anywhere, anytime)


Please contact Lesley-Anne here to discuss course fees.

Private courses are also available, email Lesley-Anne to arrange a private one-on-one course.

Children aged 4 to 11 -- FREE*

(*If at least one parent learns to meditate with Lesley-Anne or has learnt Vedic Meditation with another accredited teacher)



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