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what is vedic meditation?


​Vedic meditation is an effortless eyes closed technique practiced for 20 minutes twice daily.​

It's a simple, natural and highly beneficial practice that absolutely anyone can learn. There is no effort, no concentration and no focus.


This technique and it’s teachings draw from the cognitive sciences and the 5,000+ year-old body of wisdom derived from India known as the Veda — knowledge governing the unity of the laws of nature and human consciousness 

from which yoga, meditation and

Ayurveda are derived.


The process of Vedic Meditation causes the mind to naturally de-excite and move into deeper, more orderly states of awareness.

As the mind settles down, the body follows and you experience a deep state of rest.


This deep rest revitalises and rejuvenates the body, enabling you to recover from the negative impact of stress and experience more energy and calmness outside of meditation.

why meditate?


Meditation is a way of accessing the minds fullest potential and creates the perfect conditions for the body to deeply rest. This gives you the ability to recover from the negative impact of stress and live life feeling clear, energised & fully enlivened.


Meditation awakens you to your natural state of Being, that is, infinitely creative and adaptable, dynamic and flexible, compassionate and generous. The reason you may not be experiencing the fullness of your natural state of Being, is stress.


Stresses in the body are like knots in a garden hose that prevent fresh clear water from flowing through and nourishing the plants.


Through the practice of daily meditation, you systematically remove these knotted stresses from your nervous system and in turn, create a greater state of flow and self-awareness.


Meditation provides deep quality rest that enables your entire system to reboot, dissolve stress and fatigue, and expand into your fullest potential.

benefits of meditation


There are over 6000+ published papers that validate meditation as a powerful antidote to the negative impact of stress, giving rise to greater health and wellbeing.


Research shows that a daily practice of meditation produces the wonderful benefits of:


  • Reduced stress, anxiety and fatigue

  • Improved concentration, focus & memory 

  • Increased energy and resilience

  • Improved creative intelligence & motivation

  • Ability to make high-speed accurate decisions  

  • Ability to stay calm under pressure

  • Strengthening of the immune system

  • Normalisation of blood pressure & cholesterol

  • Improved sleep & relief from insomnia

  • Reduction of addictive behaviors

  • Relief from asthma and allergy symptoms

  • Improved relationships with self and others

  • Improved sexual relationships through a  healthy body and mind    attuned to a high point  of sensitivity and calmness, with the ability  to enjoy sexual union

  • A greater sense of wellbeing and happiness


We gain good health not by treating disease, but by preventing it in the first place, maintaining good health of body & mind 24/7.

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